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Who can rent a motorcycle?

If you are 18-years old, or older, you are eligible to rent from Premium Rush. However, if you are participating in a track day, track day providers may limit who may participate; and if you are participating in a WMRRA or OMRRA race, you must hold a valid racing license.

What additional costs am I responsible for at the track?

The cost of a track day is not included in your rental. You must register with the track day organization and meet their requirements. The cost of a race is not included in your rental either. You must register with the race hosting race association and meet their requirements.

Who is responsible for the Tech Inspection?

All of our motorcycles exceed the highest safety requirements for every track day and WMRRA/OMRRA event. However, it is still up to you as the rider to take your rented bike through the hosting organization’s tech inspection. If the bike does fail the inspection for some reason, our staff will fix the problem and get you out on the track right away.

What happens if I crash the motorcycle?

No one wants to crash, but it does happen. Due to all the different factors involved in a motorcycle crash, we handle each incident individually.

If you do crash while riding, you are our number one priority. We want to make sure that if you have been injured, you receive medical attention as quickly as possible. The on-site medical staff will check you for injuries immediately following an accident, and provide care as needed. 

Once you have been taken care of, we can then assess the damage to the motorcycle. If the bike only needs some quick, minimal repairs and is still safe to ride, we may allow you to finish the track day/race weekend once the needed repairs are made. If the medical staff believes that you are not fit to ride or if our staff deems the motorcycle to be unsafe, your reservation will be considered completed.  No refunds will be given for unused track time due to a crash or damage to the motorcycle while in your possession.

Am I responsible for damage from a crash?

You are responsible for any damage to your rented motorcycle during the rental period.  If the bike is damaged while in your possession you are responsible for any and all repairs.  For your peace of mind, we offer an optional protection plan that limits your potential repair costs to a maximum of $500.00.