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Premium Rush was Founded by Phil and Jonathan, two WMRRA club racers who saw an opportunity.  They both started their racing careers on Ninja 250s, and in so doing, came to realize the benefits and advantages of learning to ride and race on a smaller, more agile machine.

Our Team


Phil Melnyk

As a seasoned racer, Phil spent his beginning years racing the 250's learning fundamentals such as braking, body positioning, and other race-craft. He has won multiple races on the west coast and is a very respected 250 racer and teacher. Since then, he has moved up to racing an R6. If you have any questions Phil is a great resource and would love to help.


Cliff Griffin

As a seasoned track-day rider, Cliff recently joined racing in 2014 and obtained his expert licence this year. Although he may be new to the racing scene, Cliff is a serious competitor and a force to reckon with this season. He is at a majority of the 2Fast and OPRT track-day's that we attend and is another great source for information.


Derick Clary

Started riding at a very early age. Mostly off road motorcycles until his early 20's where he progressed into street bikes while still competing in off road events. 2010 brought on his first track day on a road course. He started racing with WMRRA in 2014 as a Novice. He currently does track day instruction for Optimum Rider Performance Training. He holds his MSF certification through Washington Motorcycle Safety Program, Instructing Advanced Street Skills with Puget Sound Safety.

Our Bikes

Premium Rush Motorcycle Rentals have chosen the 2nd generation Kawasaki Ninja 250 as the platform on which to build our race bikes.  The Ninja 250 is a wonderful learning machine for the novice and expert rider alike.  It combines race bike ergonomics with light weight and a peppy engine to create a total package that is an absolute blast to ride!

Let us go over the bike in a bit more detail.  First off, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is light, 325lbs fully fueled and in race trim to be exact.  This is significantly lighter than other sport bikes on the market which range from 385-450lbs fully fueled.  This lighter weight, coupled with dimensions similar to other modern race bikes, makes for an extremely nimble and responsive motorcycle that carves through corners just as well as its larger brothers.


As far as race accouterments go, all of the Premium Rush rental bikes come with racing clip-ons and rearsets provided by Woodcraft CFM, as well as a full exhaust systems from Leo Vince and race bodywork provided by HotBodies Racing.  As for tires, the bikes ride on Sol Performance Racing supplied Pirelli race rubber, which as we all know, is the best tire out there!

At the heart of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is the 249cc parallel twin. The motor is no rocket, but it has plenty of power to move the bike around the track at speeds in excess of 100mph!  It has been fitted with a Dynojet jet kit to smooth out the power delivery, and give the bike the crisp throttle response needed for proper control while on the track.

All in all, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is a wonderful track day and race bike.  People of all ages and sizes will be able to get on one and have the ride of their lives!  For those of you that disagree, or think that the 250 is too slow, we challenge you to come take one for a spin, you will not be disappointed.

If you don't believe what we have said so far, just take a look as one of our renters takes on The Ridge Motorsports Park on one of our Ninja 250s.